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It is essential for all members to attend meetings. Important information that may otherwise not be accessible will be shared during these times. We ask that, unless you have a good reason not to, you come to each meeting on time. If there is a change in time or location for a meeting, your officers will make sure that you are aware in a timely manner. Our meetings, unless otherwise specified, will begin at 7:50 AM in the Media Center. You must fill out the attendance form at each meeting. Meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of each month. In addition, reminders through Google Classroom and Remind will also be sent out. Look under the Contacts page to join these services.

​Each member will be allowed two absences per semester. If a member misses more than this, they will no longer be considered a member in good standing. Should there be a reasonable cause for you to miss a meeting, please tell your officers at least 24 hours prior to the meeting via If the reason comes up in less than 24 hours prior (sickness, other emergency), your absence will only be considered excused after you let your officers know via email. Wanting to sleep in is not considered a reasonable excuse.

We promise that we will never waste your time during meetings. It's your duty to attend, and our duty to use the time wisely and efficiently. 


Events are one of the most important parts of NHS. Officers and members put a large amount of time and effort in organizing each event. Individual events may have varying requirements for volunteers (such as filling out a waiver or having a certain skill), but the NHS has a set of rules that students must follow during each event:

  • Volunteers must arrive on time and display professional attitude and appearance, as would be expected in school. Very few events offer transportation to and/or from (it will be specified if this is offered), so members are responsible for getting themselves there. Carpooling is recommended when possible.

  • In order to receive credit for their hours, members must get a signed note from whoever is supervising the event, which should include that member's name and the time spent working. This will later be shown to your Alpha Leader when getting signatures for your AMS. 

  • If a member signs up for an event and later finds they will not be able to attend, they must inform the officers with at least 48 hours notice. Following this rule is essential is holding the reputation and expectations of NHS. The only exception to this would be if the member gets sick or is faced with some other emergency. The reason must be explained to the officers in sufficient detail (not because we do not believe you, but because just saying "Something came up" isn't sufficient). Forgetting about the event or deciding you just don't want to go is not an excuse to not show up. 

  • Should a member violate this rule, they will be given a warning. Repeat offenders will be disciplined in accordance to official NHS bylaws, which may include dismissal from the club. 

  • When a member has to cancel, it's their responsibility to find a replacement for themselves in a timely manner. 

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